Tuesday, March 4, 2014

All-State Orchestra

Congratulations All-State Strings! Get ready for RENO! 
April 23rd-26th, 2014

Kelsea Au                   Violin 1
Angelica Clemente     Violin 1
Peter Goomroyan       Violin 1
Deanna Chea              Violin 2
Avary Dwyer              Violin 2
Katrina Pinili              Violin 2
Sabrina Tran              Violin 2
Tim Halopoff             Viola 
Christina Eng             Cello
Ryan Tingle              Cello
Devon Zubka            Cello
Derek Grace             Bass
Bennett Mason         Bass
Jia Dwyer                 Harp
Josie Gubler             Harp (for All-State Band)
Ruben Van-Gundy   Bass (for All-State Band)

Solo & Ensemble

Green Valley Orchestra made it through the February and beginning March Madness and this is only just the beginning. Congrats to students who participated in Solo & Ensemble. You all performed your best! Kudos to those who recieved Superiors and Command Finalist! Go Gators!

Comannd Finalist in Orchestra from Green Valley High School

Violin Solo        Kelsea Au
Viola Solo         Tim Halopoff
Cello Solo         Devon Zubka 
Jazz Combo      Jeff Franton Alexander Hick 
                          Nick Mastroluca Bennett Mason
Harp Solo         Yvonne Cox