The Orchestra

The Director

Shelly Burger has been an Orchestra Director in the Clark County School District for over 25 years.  During this tenure Ms. Burger has led award winning high school orchestras at Bonanza High School, Advanced Technologies Academy, and Sierra Vista High School.  

In 1998 her orchestra at Bonanza was the first music group in the state of Nevada to be invited to perform at the prestigious Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. Ms. Burger has chaired numerous Honor and All State Orchestras as well as serving as a mentor to both college students preparing to enter the music teaching field and to orchestra directors that are new to CCSD.  She is extremely excited to take over the orchestra program at Green Valley and looks forward to many wonderful performances with them.

The Orchestras


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Green Valley High School Philosophy
We believe that the purpose of education is to provide experiences which will encourage and assist students to achieve their potential and to assume their responsibilities as members of society. It is the obligation of the school to instill in students positive attitudes toward growth, learning, leadership, and creativity, as well as ensure their full intellectual and character development. The community in which we live must provide sufficient educational resources to meet the needs of all students. We are committed to the use of these resource to develop responsible citizens who have the courage and ability to bring about effective change in democratic society.

We believe that every child has an inherent right to an education and that all children are able to learn. The school's curriculum must be broad-based in order to prepare students for college and vocational objectives. We recognize that students have differences in academic abilities, culture, and physical skills. The school's curriculum must be designed to provide successful experiences for all students while accommodating these basic differences. The school must structure programs to meet the changing demands and needs of our world so that students and staff can be prepared to make sound decisions concerning their academic and social needs.