Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Earn Money for Student at the Jewelry Show

Attention Parents!

You can earn money for your student by working the jewelry show. Date and time are below. Each person you bring will makes $10/hr ($25 per shift). You can sign up as many people you like, but they must show up to check in. 

Signup will start TODAY, May 12th at 11am. Please email Ms. Diane Koutsulis- DKoutsu@interact.ccsd.net.

Dear GVHS Band and Orchestra Parents:

Every year we participate in an international jewelry show, being held this year at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  Band students and family members have worked this show for many years and we hope to continue this wonderful relationship.  The show is a very large production, and because of this, the security company is looking for many people to help out.  The work is not difficult--we work in the vaults checking in pieces at night and checking out pieces in the morning hours.  The shifts are as follows:

May 29 Friday morning 7-9:30 AM
Friday evening 5-7:30 PM
May 30 Saturday morning 7-9:30 AM
Saturday evening 5-7:30 PM
May 31 Sunday morning 7-9:30 AM
Sunday evening 5-7:30 PM
June 1 Monday morning 7-9:30 AM
As you can see by these dates, the students are still in school for some of these shifts, and this creates a unique challenge. Since the Monday is actually the beginning of finals, we will need as many parents as possible for that shift.   Every shift pays $10/hour per person ($25).  If you bring family members along, you can make quite a bit of money.  If you do the math, this is a great opportunity to raise a lot of money.  Remember, these funds go into the STUDENT ACCOUNT.  Because this is a very important commitment and because we’ve had such a huge response these last few years, we have a very organized method of signing up.  You will be able to request four slots/student beginning on Tuesday, May 12, at 11 AM.  You must do this through email—dkoutsu@interact.ccsd.net.  
Every day after that Tuesday, you will be able to sign up for four more slots (per student), until they’re all filled up.  You will always receive a return email from me confirming the times and numbers of workers.  If you are not able to use the internet, please give me a call, so that we can work out some other way.  

Thanks for your patience with us as we organize this very profitable event.